Wilmington, North Carolina
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Misread my lab value and said I had genital herpes, and only when I demanded to red my own lab results (IM a nurse) then they admitted the mistake. After just two days with a sore throat said I have bronchitis which is a chronic condition.

Never drug tested me when I was prescribed a controlled drug.alerted me they my thyroid levels were in trouble when they were with in Normal limits. And referred me to a specialist(which was a 2 month wait) without caring to check if my insurance was accepted there.then when I called and was upset,I got no sympathy,no sorry,and they dropped me as a patient!

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With all the efficient, well-trained doctors available in Wilmington, it surprises me that anyone would choose these physician assistants for their health care. They are NOT medical doctors.

I received inadequate care, a variety of prescriptions that didn't address the problem and was not treated with the courtesy every patient deserves. I finally reached the end of my rope with this group and found a wonderful M.D. who immediately discontinued some of the medications these P.A.s had prescribed.

I now have wonderful care by real professionals. You wouldn't go to a dental assistant to have major dental work done, so why go to a physician's assistant when so many fine physicians are available in Wilmington?

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