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I was a patient of this group for several years to my regret. I found them to be unqualified and my health did not improve because of it.

They mistook my questions for criticisms and as time went on, our relationship deteriorated to the point that I sought a regular doctor who has helped me tremendously. The final straw that broke the camel's back was when I asked for an appointment 2 weeks before my regular 3 month checkup. After getting a shot for my pain, the PA told me that I could skip the regular appointment that was due in 2 weeks and to schedule another visit for 3 months. I informed Sue at the front desk and she promised to cancel the 2 week hence appointment.

Apparently she forgot. In two weeks when I didn't show up for the cancelled appointment the PA was angry. A day or so later I came down what I feared was strep throat so I called for an appointment and was curtly told I would have to wait 3 weeks. I told them I really needed to see a PA and was told, "I cannot help you." They didn't remember that I had asked Sue to cancel that appointment and led the PA believe I was negligent.

It was vindictive on both her part and on the PA's part because I had been a cooperative patient with this group for almost 10 years. They were icy cold to me after that so I cancelled my next appointment and never went back. They are inept, gossip about each other and other patients, incompetent and carry terrible grudges. I urge people to only use PAs when no doctor is available.

There are over 250 qualified doctors in the Wilmington area.

Why settle for a PA when you have great medical help by professional MDs all over Wilmington? Your health requires that you get the best medical advice possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Masonboro Family Medicine Medical Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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